When other people love your kid

JR was baptized yesterday. We decided to make the most of the day and have a party to celebrate.

And have a party we did.

The church was pretty packed, as was our house later on that day. I spent the better part of Saturday freaking out over how everyone was going to fit and would people think it was weird to involve so many people. But I’m so glad we did.

While we were standing at the front of the church, our big beautiful boy happily cradled in the arms of our pastor (and friend), I got to take a minute to look out and really look at the people sitting out in front of me. A lot of them would have already been at the church service anyway, but quite a few had chosen to spend their day celebrating with us, to show how much love they have for us and JR.

I’m still kind of blown away by it.

It’s an amazing feeling when other people are invested in the well-being of your child. I mean, Ross and I *supposed* to love him; we’re his parents. But the people with us yesterday are *choosing* to be part of his life, to be friends to us as we raise JR and to encourage and love him as he gets older.

And, still, I have no words. Ok, well one…


4 thoughts on “When other people love your kid

  1. Amanda and I are super bummed that we couldn’t be in town to witness JR’s baptism (and eat burgers). We were thinking of y’all yesterday & it sounds like it was a great time.

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