This one’s for his boy

My friends Matt and Jenny are expecting a their first baby (a boy) in October. At Jenny’s shower a little over a week ago, Matt made a special appearance to sing a lullaby he wrote for the baby. Since it’s been up on my Flickr for a while and they’ve been able to share it on facebook and what not, I figured it was ok to share it with all of you. Even though you probably don’t know them, you will undoubtedly be crushed by the sweetness of it.

(I should probably add that Jenny’s shower had a rockstar theme. She doesn’t always have a bright red mohawk. However, she does have bright red hair, and it’s awesome.)

(I should also apologize for the mid-song jostle of the camera. I couldn’t help it — if my friends sob, *I* sob.)

(Also, also, “Weiner” is what they call their dachshund, even though her name is actually Scarlett. Oh, forget it, you don’t care.)

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