Things I’m loving these days

[Here's where I'm supposed to apologize for not posting for almost three damn weeks, but sorry-not-sorry. I've been busy working and parenting and watching lots of television and napping. While I've missed you all, these things are also very important.]

1. Doc Martin. Yes it’s a random British comedy that was recommended to me by my mother-in-law who heard about it from her 80-year-old neighbor, but I love it and I won’t apologize.

2. Suri’ Burn Book. Things like this remind me that the Internet can be a wonderful, wonderful place.

3. Iced coffee. I’ve got two huge jars of the concentrate in my fridge right now and I’m consuming so much of the stuff that I’m usually levitating come 11am. But when done up right it tastes like chocolate ice cream SO WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

4. Our new car. I feel like a jackass for putting this on here, but after nature tried to destroy my life, I feel like I’m allowed a little excitement. Ours is gray (“graphite”, actually) and looks much like the Batmobile.

5. This song. All members of the Catrow Family sing their hearts out at the chorus.

6. How JR calls pistachios “mustachios.”

7. He also calls movie theaters “movie laters.” I can’t bring myself to correct him.

One thought on “Things I’m loving these days

  1. We randomly got sucked into Doc Martin one night… and it happened to be a night where they played a bunch in a row. We love it too ;)

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