These dreams…

When I first went on Zoloft, I started experiencing some CRAY-ZEE intense dreams. They were extraordinarily weird, usually involved some sort of disaster (natural, personal, professional, you name it) and seemed to go on forever. I would wake up exhausted because of what my brain was putting me through as I slept.

However, now that things have balanced out a bit, I’ve swung to the other extreme. On the nights I do dream (which aren’t as often), my dreams are about such everyday things that I have a really hard time distinguishing between them and real life. Not that the events of these dreams would be worth bringing up in conversation, but still.

Some examples are:

1. Making iced coffee over and over again.
2. Drying my hair.
3. Fixing the thermostat.
4. Folding JR’s laundry.
5. Working–not even especially stressful or exciting work. Just regular work where I go about my business, drinking Diet Coke, and making lists.

Part of me is grateful to have such a mellow dream-life. I get myself worked up enough while I’m awake, so the break overnight is probably needed. But it still makes me feel stunningly boring.

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