That’ll sting

So we went to the urologist today. It turned out to basically be an appointment to talk about what would happen at the next appointment, a fact I would have appreciated knowing ahead of time because I would have preferred Ross skipped this one so he would be available for the one when I have to hold JR down as they stick a TUBE into his various PARTS.

Yup. In a couple weeks, JR and I will be heading back to Henrico Doctors hospital so they can stick a catheter in him, shoot him up with dye, and see where it all goes. The whole procedure is suppose to take a couple hours and falls right during his afternoon naptime. Hooray! Fortunately, however, my mother has offered to accompany us on the appointment since Ross can’t be there. Good thing because I don’t see how I’m going to entertain this kid for two hours on my own in a doctors office. I can’t even keep *myself* entertained that long, and I have a relatively good attention span.

Anyway, the urologist said that what’s going on is one of his kidneys is showing a dilation (just like it was when he was in my belly and in the ultrasound they did on him after he was born), caused either by a tube that’s too narrow or a tube that’s connecting things at an abnormal place. The tests should reveal which one it is and also determine if there’s also any kind of blockage going on. But, given his excellent health and growth to date, chances are it’s something that will resolve itself. And should it require any intervention, it shouldn’t be anything too invasive.

So that’s where we are with that. He was a little champ today, smiling and flirting through what should have been his morning nap. But this appointment just involved some minor poking. We’ll see how he does when more “sensitive” areas are involved. And we’ll see how I do, too.

3 thoughts on “That’ll sting

  1. When Lily was around 7 months old we had to do a EEG brain scan to check for seizures. Although I realize the procedure is really different I just wanted to say that my own fear and anticipation of the even were a lot worse then her response. You’ll make it, remember it’s only a few hour of one day of the rest of his life!

  2. Val,

    Two of my three have had several of the procedure that you mentioned. I’m not going to sugar coat this, it’s not fun at all. I’m glad your mom will be with you because it’s pretty stressful.

    Prayers for you and your big, little guy.

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