Sick day

JR came home from school yesterday “not feelin’ gooooooood” and complaining that his ear, tummy, back, and head hurt. Of course this was all revealed at 5pm, right when the doctor’s office was closed for the evening.

So we soldiered on and this morning it was obvious that he had gotten worse. See, he never gets sick and is so baffled by the concept of feeling poorly that he spends his illnesses both sick AND full of woe. I called the doctor first thing and snagged an appointment for 11am.

And then he threw up all over me. A quick call back to the doctor got us an appointment right away.

Turns out it’s just a stomach bug (as evidenced by the vomit he left strewn about the doctor’s office). All of the other symptoms are just from feeling like, well, ass to put it bluntly.

While I don’t like it when JR is sick, that’s when I feel most competent as a parent. His needs are concrete and usually involve lots of cleaning him up and holding him. The constant thought running through my head is “I’ve got this.”

Plus, I’m really good at spending the day on the couch.

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