Oh, hi! (and other stuffs)

I’ve spent the last 10(ish) days battling a sore-throat-sinus-attack-chest-cold-thing. I haven’t really been resting; I’ve mostly been walking around moaning and coughing up…things that are gross. I finally went to the doctor on Monday and was put on one of them fancy Z-pack things and ordered to load up on Mucinex. Oh and to actually take a nap.

Since I’ve been doing that, I haven’t really had it in me to put together a coherent post about anything, so here are some bullets from my mind. YOU MIGHT CALL THEM MIND BULLETS.

  • Ross and I are about to finish season 6 of The West Wing. I’ve decided that Toby Ziegler is my spirit animal.
  • JR has taken to insisting that we call him “JR Spider-man.” He also calls me “Mama Spider-man.” When he’s not calling me that, he’s calling me “Little Mama”.
  • (I don’t know either.)
  • We’ve started drinking Manhattans which are delicious but dangerous. Delicious because of the booze, dangerous because there are cherries at the bottom, and I just end up pounding the drink so I can get the cherries faster.
  • I’ve been doing an Advent activity with JR where we have a wee Bible lesson every day and then hang a corresponding ornament on his little tree. Yesterday we talked about original sin. Turns out that’s kind of a hard concept for a toddler to understand because he spent the rest of the day telling me that eating apples is bad.
  • I slept until 9 this morning and didn’t get out of bed until 11. Grandparents are the shizz-nit.
  • I still haven’t the leaves in our front yard. DEAL WITH IT, NEIGHBORS.

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