My moves are not so smooth.

When I was around seven, I was just slightly taller than the level at which most car door mirrors sit. I also had a tendency to run into things. The combination of the two lead to several black eyes acquired in parking lots.

I got ketchup on my shirt almost every day of seventh grade. This combined with the braces and overall awkwardness made it a rough year.

In eighth grade, I tore a ligament in my right ankle. A couple months later, I tore its counterpart in my left ankle. Both occurred while running.

Sometimes things jump out of my hands. Like eggs. And toothbrushes. Especially toothbrushes.

I am irresistible.

3 thoughts on “My moves are not so smooth.

  1. Whenever I do stuff like this (read: all the freaking time), JG says something romantic like, “Back off, boys, she’s TAKEN!”

    I am just that lucky.

  2. Herbzband has just gotten used to hearing, “Ow” coming from the next room. I’ve either run into a wall, bed, dresser, doorway…whatever. You know, large objects around/through which I should be able to maneuver.

    My hips and shoulders are generally all sorts of bruised from my moves of the smoothness. Awww Yeah…this is why I’m hot.

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