My alibi

(I know! Two posts in two days! What is this MADNESS?!)

The parenting column that I write for RVANews now runs every Tuesday (as opposed to every OTHER Tuesday, as it once was…in the good ol’ days…and the poorer days CHA CHING!). Consequently, the majority of my creative juices have been…flowing? I guess? towards that. Hence the crickets happening over here. So as a way to justify my recent 5-week absence (because I’m SURE everyone was DYING), I thought I’d share a link or two or a million. 1) Because I want you to know that I haven’t been spending all of my time watching Giuliana & Bill (just some of my time) and 2) I think you might like some of these.

So here you go:

Being a good mom friend

He won’t stop touching me


50 things to teach my son before he goes

My 6 preschooler road trips must-haves

Take back the nap

Me according to him

Hope you like ‘em!

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