Music moment

I’m not a big music fan. I mean, I *like* it and I’ll listen to pretty much anything, but oftentimes I’m just as happy sitting in silence.

But I have a few life moments that are unavoidably attached to a specific song. With JR’s third (!!!) birthday coming up, one keeps popping up in my mind.

In early March 2008, I was in the car on the way back to the office with a pregnancy test sitting in the seat beside me. This song came on the radio, the background music to my tearful whispers of “Please, please, please…” And I will always connect it to the moments before I found out that I was going to be a mama.

Do you have a song/moment like that? I’d love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Music moment

  1. I associate our experience in Indonesia with the Weepies… which is not a good thing. Up until a few months ago, I would get very anxious anytime Jay listened to them. I think I am mostly over it.
    And I always play “Eternal Flame” for Jay on our anniversary. That’s not a specific moment, but… a great song. And it makes me think of him. Tee hee.

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