Muddy pups.

You may have noticed that it snowed today. Such precipitation combined with the lack of grass in our backyard makes for some pretty dirty dogs once they come inside from doing their business. So dirty, in fact, that they were both caked with mud from toes to belly after just a few minutes of being outside.

Bath time!

Shooter does pretty well with baths. He just kind of looks mopey while being washed and then rubs himself all over any available surface once released from the tub.

Zapp, as usual, is a different story.

She hates being wet. She once snapped her collar off (not at the buckle, in the middle of the strap) because she was pulling so hard on a leash to get away from the hose. This means she would rather die than go near water.

When we try to put in her in the bathtub, she seems to sprout additional arms and legs (and TALONS), fighting it the entire time. Have you ever tried to hold 55lbs. of soaking wet determination into a slippery, clawfoot bathtub? Not so easy.

So, tonight, she took a shower.

That’s right.

Someone put on a bathing suit and stood with her in our teeny tiny shower stall to give her a quick rinse. Zapp spent much of the time with her face plastered against the sliding door while her companion hosed her down.

Unorthodox? Possibly.

Worth it? Absolutely.

4 thoughts on “Muddy pups.

  1. Zapp and Ralph should be friends. Spider and Shooter have a similar approach to just looking miserable waiting for it to be over. I put Spider in the shower with me on the rare occasions that I decide he needs a bath. I’ve never put Ralph in the shower because, well, I’m afraid he’ll knock it down.

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