Meet your new best bud

As I mentioned last week, Jennifer and James (our dear friends and JR’s godparents) finally welcomed their little boy into the world on November 30th.

Despite camping out at the hospital while Jennifer was in labor (for, oh, 70 thousand hours – she’s a champ, that one) we ended up not actually meeting Jack until the following Thursday. That’s right. We got the name, we got the weight, and headed home so the grandparents could love on the newly birthed Jack Charles. That, and it was 3:30am and our own child would be arriving back at our house, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, in just four hours.

Anyway, Thursday ended up being a very special day because not only did we get to meet Jack, JR did, too. Here are some pictures of the new buds getting acquainted.

Yes, that is my GIANT! child wielding a baseball bat (Go Phillies!) in the vicinity of a newborn. There was much gasping and flailing on my part.

Here we have me (and my big chin) looking lovingly at the small child while JR does his best impression of a perpetual motion machine.

Soon after the last picture was taken, James put JR on a rocking horse which was a big hit.

Then JR threw up all over their floor.

Welcome to the world, Jack!

3 thoughts on “Meet your new best bud

  1. The idea of these guy’s being best buds definitely brings tears of joy to my eyes (surely it has nothing to do with how off-kilter my post-partum hormones are, right?)

    And the throw-up on the floor, no big deal at all to us, just felt bad for poor JR. It’s funny how having a baby totally changes one’s perspective on bodily fluids.

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