Lately (in words and pictures)

Earlier today, JR helped his Mamaw bake cookies. I did not help bake them, but I will help eat them.

My incredibly generous in-laws are heading up a renovation of our kitchen. It’s been a bit crazy for the last couple weeks, but things are coming along quickly. It’s so nice to have cabinets that don’t squawk when you open them.

Last week, JR and I ran into some friends at Maymont, a local park that has farm animals and lots of great gardens. During a quick break from our stroll, he and his friend decided to climb this big hill. They both got nervous walking back down by themselves, so I scurried up there to retrieve them. As we made our way back down, I reminded them to help each other. JR took his friend’s hand, and they held on to each other the rest of the way down, laughing the entire time.

I wasn’t there for this (Ross was) so I didn’t take this picture (Ross did), but the entire city of Richmond is completely consumed by the fact that VCU made it to the Final Four. This includes me. I didn’t go to VCU and I have never cared about basketball, but I actually couldn’t sleep last night. It’s just awesome to see all of Richmond so stoked about something so positive. I can’t get enough.


So tell me, what’s up with you these days?

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