It’s all coming back to me now…

The last time I opened my laptop (that would be 5 days ago – a concept that is kind of blowing my mind as well) I posted a summary of what I remembered from the days in which I labored with and then birthed Jackson.

Now that I’m a bit farther away from the experience, other things have popped up in my mind. But as I am a new mother and I’m currently spending the majority of my time either changing diapers, nursing, napping, or massaging my bossoms to avoid the glory that is plugged ducts, you will all have to settle for a bulleted list broken down into two parts: low points and high points.

Low points:

  • Having to use a bed pan in front of my nurse because oh my God contractions are a million times worse when you have a full bladder but also oh my God I can’t walk to the bathroom right now.
  • Throwing up mid-contraction.
  • Having your pee bag out for all the world to see after you’ve been given a catheter.
  • Getting a catheter removed.
  • Taking your first pee after the catheter was removed in front of your postpartum nurse and her student.
  • Almost passing out during your first post-birth shower.
  • Incisions. More specifically, incisions that sting like the devil.
  • Having an emotional breakdown when the lactation consultant suggests you take a night off from breastfeeding and let the baby take formula for a couple feedings to give yourself a break, consequently making you feel like a failure.

High points:

  • Labor and delivery nurses.
  • Postpartum nurses.
  • Scottish anesthesiologists.
  • Visiting hours.
  • Having someone else be responsible for making sure you take your medication on time.
  • Postpartum nurses who let you know it’s ok to cry and be scared.
  • The massaging leg cuffs they put on you after having a C-section to prevent blod clots. Seriously, the constant rubbing was amazing.
  • Seeing my 97 year old grandma hold Jackson for the first time.
  • Turkey sandwiches during all hours of the night (and postpartum nurses who will hold your giant, hungry baby as you eat said sandwiches).

3 thoughts on “It’s all coming back to me now…

  1. I had to use the bed pan with number three, and needed it for numero dos, because I don’t know why. Humiliating. But guess what, it happens a lot, so the staff wasn’t shocked. Thank goodness.

  2. High Points:

    -Watching M.A.S.H in the waiting room and then seeing one of it’s characters ride by on a segway.

    -Hugging Ross’ mom so hard when Sean said it was a boy that I picked her up off the ground.

    Low Points:

    -You don’t remember it but at one point you asked me to pray for you and I delivered what was the most poorly worded and awkward call to God that I have ever said/heard. I kept saying something like “Let’s wrap this baby up”.

    -Getting lost all by myself in a hospital at night. Invariably creepy.

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