It doesn’t matter where you come from…it matters where you go

My friend Deanna is a teacher at The Academy at Virginia Randolph, an alternative high school in the Richmond area.

As you can imagine, most of these kids have had (or are currently having) a tough go of it. As you can also imagine, it takes a pretty fantastic person to devote her career to teaching and caring for a group of kids that most people have given up on. But it’s just what Deanna does. She loves those kids and thinks they are amazing.

To help them think that about themselves, Deanna is working hard to bring Academy Challenge Day to her school. The idea behind it, according to her fundraising website, is to “provide youth and their communities with experiential programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of truth, diversity, and full expression.”

The goal is to raise enough money for 300 kids to participate. $50 will sponsor one kid’s full participation, but any amount you can donate is so appreciated.

To learn more about what Deanna’s up to, check out go here and here. And watch the video below because…wow.

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