I was on television (kind of, not really, but sort of)

A couple weeks ago a reporter from one of our local TV stations contacted Ross and I to see if he could interview us about what we do over at RVANews.

After thinking, “What? Why?” and having a mild anxiety attack, I agreed. And then Ross agreed because he does what I tell him to.

So here it is.

Although my hair looks terrible (I got it cut mere hours after the interview), my desk makes it looks like I have a slight hoarding problem when it comes to beverages and cell phones (it’s a long story), and I apparently always speak like I’m asking? a question?, I think he portrayed us well.

But I can’t be sure because I still have to watch it through my fingers while going “Eeeeeeeeesh.”

9 thoughts on “I was on television (kind of, not really, but sort of)

  1. This was great! In case you were wondering though, the camera doesn’t do you justice! You’re like 100 times prettier than that in real life.

  2. really cute! so they made it sound like you didn’t go to college though because they said yall met in high school and have been married for 6 years and since you both look young…yeah

  3. I’m so watching that when I get home to my personal unfettered internet connection. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been on TV periodically, and I will say that it’s not how you look on TV that makes you go “eeeee”–it’s just watching yourself at all. At least for me, that feeling has never stopped. I read recently where Johnny Depp said he never sees most of the finished movies he’s in, which I think is totally insane. If I were as hot as Johnny Depp, I’d absolutely watch myself all the time.

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