This is so exciting to me I cannot stand it.

I find my child to be delicious. I can’t stop smelling his head (he SMELLS like MAPLE SYRUP) and kissing/nibbling on his cheeks. And can we talk about the dimply knuckles and toes and face? SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

I finally took my bridesmaids dress in to be altered. It reminded me that two nights of drinking, eating, and dancing await me in just one short month.

This also means my first multi-night separation from the baby is coming soon. SOB.

I’m wearing black toe nail polish and I love it.

Someone needs to buy me this.

This disgusts me.

We have started watching this show. I’m not obsessed yet, but I can feel it coming.

Speaking of that show, can we talk about how this man is now the love of my life?

2 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. -thanks for sharing in our excitement!

    -I CAN’T WAIT to smell the head of your delicious baby!

    -Maura did an awesome job at picking out bridesmaid dresses, how cute!

  2. Yay…the wedding is so close…hope you’re ready for awesomeness.

    The Wire is the greatest show ever produced. I am glad you are watching it. Wait ’til the fourth season…you’ll either want to teach again or NEVER want to teach again.

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