Halloween in review

JR was born right before Thanksgiving, and he technically celebrated his first Christmas last year. But come on, he was basically a blob then, so other then a few festive pictures, we deemed the holiday season kind of a wash and moved on.

Now that he’s a smiling, babbling (LORD THE BABBLING IT DOES NOT STOP), almost walking little person, the time has come to celebrate holidays to the furthest extent.* First up: Halloween.

We opted for a store bought costume because 1) I am unable to sew, 2) I am too busy/lazy to track down bits and pieces of a costume. After a bit of hemming and hawing on my part, we settled on this:

(Go ahead and squee, it’s ok.) (Over him, not me.) (Please ignore the weeds growing out of the steps on my porch.)

The best way to describe JR during the whole Halloween process was “a good sport.” He tolerated me covering his nose with black eye shadow and tracing whiskers on his face with eyeliner. He dutifully said “RAHHH!” when asked what a lion says. And he refrained from losing his shit when taken out in 70 degree weather (WTF, October?) dressed in a costume designed for what one would anticipate fall weather to be like.

We headed out at around 6:00, just stopping by a couple houses (friends from church who are at least mildly invested in our child), before spending the rest of the evening strolling our neighborhood, trying not to get run over by the out-of-their-damn-minds-with-sugar children tearing up and down the sidewalk.

JR started to get fussy at around 8:00, so we took him out of the stroller and started the walk home. We wanted kept him up late to compensate for the time change that night (it actually worked… don’t kill me!), so he had his bottle while we watched Night of the Living Dead. Not exactly our finest parenting moment, but what are you gonna do?

Overall, the evening was a definite win. I mean, COME ON:

*That is, except for Santa. Ross is decidedly anti-Claus. I am unsure how I feel about this. Particularly because it is highly unlikely that he will be fielding calls from other parents when JR crushes their children’s dreams.

10 thoughts on “Halloween in review

  1. JR could be part of the revolution that turns Christmas back into a time about family and whatnot rather than the unrelenting consumer spree it has become. Embrace Ross’s anti-Claus sentiments! You can just let the angry calls go to voice mail!

  2. My parents were anti-Claus, and I was careful not to be the kid who told everyone the truth. By 2nd grade, I was sure everyone knew. I said my parents brought me gifts because SC wasn’t real, and 3 kids started weeping and one drew a picture of a demon on the blackboard and told the class that that was what brought me gifts. Just saying.

  3. No Santa!?!? What the?!!??!!! I agree Christmas is too commercial and should be more about about family, but come on – don’t blame that on Santa!!! Santa represents the magic of childhood. Don’t rob the boy!! I couldn’t disagree with your husband more. humph.

    (totally cute Halloween lion, for sure though!!)


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