Girl hate

I’m not one to ever get all Soap Boxy McRanterson, but I need to talk about something. Perhaps even yell about it a bit.

I have a SERIOUS problem with what’s happening on The Hills right now.

(Yes, I realize the absurdity of that statement. Of all the things I could be pissed about, I’m all worked up over MTV. I never claimed to be not crazy.)

Let me give you a little context…

I woke up at 10:30 this morning (I KNOW!) to find a baby still off living it up at grandma’s house and a husband gone to play flag football. So, I decided to make the most of my leeeeeeisurely morning and watch MTV. Because that’s what I do.

When I saw that The Hills was on (were on?) I thought, “Great! I’ll spend some time watching pretty girls with pretty hair and pretty clothes eat Pinkberry and fret over their internships at Elle or Vogue or whatever. It’ll be so fun and relaxing.”

Not so much.

I have to say, watching that show made me 1) embarrassed and 2) somewhat depressed. The shit that went down was ridiculous. Girls cussing each other out, fighting over dudes IN FRONT OF THE DUDES, actually whispering (sideways glances included) about other girls who were right across the table, etc. etc. oh gross. They all looked like a bunch of crazy harpies.

I realize that not all girls are like this. But I was a girl once. Sure, there was gossip and drama and general bullshit, but it never got to that level. What makes me so sad is that this amount of drama and insanity is probably going to be considered completely normal by the younger girls watching it. So sad to the point where I actually thought to myself, “Man, I’m so glad I had a boy.”

Please share your thoughts on this with me. I realize the The Hills isn’t (aren’t UGH ANNOYING) real, but it’s putting stuff out there that kind of makes my blood boil. Maybe yours, too?

8 thoughts on “Girl hate

  1. I don’t know if this is how all girls are starting to act now, but it is definitely becoming the norm in LA. If you go to the mall, you see girls emulating the way those on The Hills behave. My 13 year old students act this way towards each other all day long at school. The girls are so much worse than the boys. The first week of school, there was a fight at lunch and it was between two girls (over some stupid boys). The names they call each other, the threatening that happens because of the boys they mutually like….it’s disgusting.

  2. The Hills isn’t real, but I know people who act like that IRL. I think it comes down to this: some people aren’t secure enough to live their lives contentedly and calmly, without drama. Instead of being INTERESTING and having legitimate hobbies and pursuits, they crave drama and need it to survive. We are lucky that we aren’t those people. :)

  3. I just have to agree with you on being glad I had a boy. I come from a family of drama queens and have been fighting for years to not succumb to the foolishness.

    Some people are just so desperate for attention they will do anything (ie: act like an a-hole) to receive it.

  4. Also, I must say that my sister has been at least somewhat Hillsified, though in her case it was probably more about the Real World since she is 22.

    Drama has been a huge part of my sister’s life for as long as I can remember. It’s like she needs it to validate her existence. It’s gotten better now that she’s out of school but she still thrives on drama and is usually up in someone’s business on her Blackberry at any given moment. Yes, she texts while she drives.

    She has no hobbies other than watching TV and texting and she has no viable skills but that she can be personable and social and thus can do retail/secretarial type things. Unfortunately, she’s also relentlessly confrontational, obnoxious, and terminally lazy. She’s been fired for yelling at bosses, can’t manage her money, and has punched at least two girls in the face.

    Just yesterday she made some guy stop his car in the middle of the road and block not only us but the cars behind us. All because she got confrontational when it was totally unnecessary. She would have kept at it too had I not yelled, “WILL YOU QUIT F**KING AROUND ALREADY?!” as I yanked her arm away from the wheel and thus off the horn that she had stood on for 30 seconds solid.

    She watches shows marketed to the 11-16 crowd like Degrassi and various craps on Disney and MTV. It’s almost like she’s trying to relive middle/high school when she felt at her peak and that she mattered because she was armpit deep in useless drama 100% of the time.

    Additionally, all of her boyfriends have been relatively unintelligent rageheads full of jealousy. All of them have gotten physically violent with her at one time or another. One pushed her through a glass door. Like, literally through the glass and she got cut up from shards. She gravitates toward these types of dudes because she feels she can “fix” them, I guess, while she feels helpless to fix her own life.

    These are the consequences of the media today. It’s going to be a sad future when these girls grow up. The world needs less people like my sister. :[

    Woo, this is long. I should get a blag or something.

  5. shoot.
    my girls pinched eachother today.
    oh, they also screamed/squealed at eachother today.
    i told d it’s just what girls do and we let them work it out on their own.
    we’re in for it.

  6. I avoid TV shows like that at all costs because it always results in the same thing: me screaming at the TV and hating everyone.

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