Eats for the week!

I know! I know, I’m super late about posting this. But who’s the boss around here, huh? Stop judging. I’ve been doing important things.

So here’s the money shot.


And money shot is oh so appropriate this week. Before I tell you the painful number, here’s the menu:

Monday: Turkey meatloaf and cheesy broccoli

Tuesday: Hot dogs and tater tots

Wednesday: Chicken and rice

Thursday: Steamed broccoli and potato tortilla

Friday: Leftovers

There’s also some other stuff in there because we do, in fact, need to eat lunch sometimes.

The grand total? Somewhere around $50.

I know. But, it’s the setbacks that help us really appreciate the victories.

And now for your Deal Of The Week, presented by guest star, Sister!


Kroger special! 10 jars of salsa for $10. That deserves a w00t I would say.

And on to The Budget Buster…


Turkey. For a million dollars. A million delicious, hormone-free dollars.

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