I wasn’t too jazzed about the idea of turning 31. Well, not *not* jazzed–just basically neutral about it. I mean, it’s not exactly a milestone. As my brother put it, “Now, finally you can…um…have only 4 years to wait before you can run for president?”

But better to have a birthday than to not. And my only expectations were to have a nice day. No work, no chores–just eating and napping with my little man. All of those things did happen, but I also happened to wake up on my birthday to a lovely surprise.

You see, Ross only wore his wedding ring for about a year after we got married. He chose a band that just wasn’t very comfortable, so he stopped wearing it.

It never bothered me that he didn’t wear a ring, but, if given the choice, I would’ve liked him to. So when Ross asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I asked if he would consider wearing his wedding ring again–or at least *a* ring. He made some sort of non-committal noise and we didn’t really talk about it much after that.

But on Monday morning he gave me these:

Yeah, those are an Empire Strikes Back reference. And they are perfect and I love them and he promises to wear it always.

Best gift I’ve ever gotten. Best birthday ever.

My baby bird

Ross and I always exchange presents on Christmas Eve Eve, just because it’s our last chance to spend time alone before things get crazy with the holidays.

This is what he gave me this year. He sure done good.


I turned 29 today. I was supposed to sleep in a bit, have a leisurely morning with my husband and little boy, rest while JR took his nap and Ross watched football, and then drop JR off with his grandparents so Ross and I could enjoy an evening out.

Not. So. Much.

Instead, I was ripped from my sleep at 2am by a screaming toddler with a fever. Then I was ripped from my sleep again a few hours later by the same toddler with an even higher fever. So, we spent the morning in the doctor’s office, wandering around Target while we waited for JR’s prescription to be filled (after a quick trip to Krispy Kreme to try and be festive), and heading home to rest. JR’s fever eventually spiked to 104.5 which led to a call to the doctor to find out exactly *when* I should freak out and continuous prayers that we wouldn’t be celebrating my birthday in the ER.

JR cried a pretty much all day and we watched A LOT of Winnie the Pooh, but his fever finally seemed to be under control by around 4pm. After escaping briefly running a quick errand, I came home to find this:

While I’m still bummed that my birthday celebration will have to wait until next week, coming home to this, my two boys sleeping soundly (and competing over who could snore the loudest), it made the destruction of our plans sting a little bit less.

Our weekend in pictures (and some words)

After handing JR over to my mom (and after quite of few tears on JR’s part and some on mine) Ross and I celebrated our three nights/two days of freedom by eating at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken and going to see Eclipse. Because we know how to party.

On Friday we slept until the luxuuuuuuuurious hour of 8:30am and then headed up to DC, stopping only to get gas and for me to get a fountain soda. Regular Coke (see my previous mention about knowing how to party). We hit no traffic at all and only kinda almost died once upon getting into DC because I become an idiot the minute I leave Richmond’s city limits. The above picture is of our room at Helix Hotel. There was a bed curtain.

After lunch (which involved delicious pizza that I contemplated leaving Ross for), we took the Metro like grownups and found our way to the Newseum. I highly recommend this place, even if you do happen to run into individuals like those pictured here who thought it appropriate to “flash the 303 gang sign” in front of the Berlin Wall. But, I guess that’s what America is about, guys.

(But seriously, the Newseum is awesome, particularly the exhibit on Pulitzer Prize winning photos. I cried multiple times and felt lots of emotions. But don’t worry, Ross’s robot heart didn’t short circuit or anything.)

Saturday included a trip to the Natural History and American History Museums, but the World War II Memorial was the highlight of the day for me. Again, with the emotions.

More on this shot here. And go here or here to see a few more pictures from our weekend.

Thanks for a good time, D.C. You also know how to party.