Here I go, pushing my cart

Why hello there!

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been busy doing a few things. Such as…

Making our house look festive for Christmas. This is an improvement over last year when I had just given birth and had just about as much motivation to decorate as to, well, give birth again

Putting this whole thing together for RVANews

Waiting for this lovely lady to welcome her son in to the world (which included a wait at the hospital until THREE THIRTY ON MONDAY MORNING)

And watching cute things like this:

I’m sure you understand.

Thankful for…

A healthy, happy, beautiful baby boy

My wonderful, handsome, and loving hubs

A job I love

An amazing church

Supportive friends (both in “real life” and via the Internets)

Selfless family

You, the ones who keep coming back and listening when I really don’t have much to say.


My cup runneth over, as they say. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

100 things – Maura edition

100 things about my Maura

1. Maura has super dark brown hair and fair skin.
2. This makes my son love to stare at her.
3. She makes my most favorite pizza ever.
4. She also makes baked goods that are insanely good.
5. She started dating our high school friend Matt about a month before Ross and I got married.
6. She moved to Richmond shortly after graduating from William & Mary.
7. And then we became friends.
8. We used to be able to walk to her apartment from our old house.
9. And then she went and moved up to Fredericksburg to get her Masters and become a teacher.
10. She teaches middle school civics.
11. I know. MIDDLE SCHOOL. She’s impressive.
12. She works harder than most teachers I know.
13. She probably works harder than I ever did as a teacher, honestly.
14. One of the things I miss most about her being Richmond is going shopping at H&M with her.
15. That and the pizza.
16. And the good conversation.
17. The first hand-knit scarf I ever got was from her.
18. I still have it, even though that was almost 6 years ago.
19. She loves hanging out with the ladies.
20. Particularly if it involves snacks and whine.
21. Her mom was a nun.
22. Her dad was a priest.
23. I know!
24. She loves her parents to the point where it makes her cry sometimes.
25. She also loves her siblings an insane amount.
26. And she loves Matt like crazy, which makes me happy.
27. One of the happiest days I can remember is when we found out she and Matt were getting married.
28. He proposed on top of a mountain in Ireland.
29. She doesn’t have a diamond ring.
30. She has a band with sapphires in it.
31. And I love it.
32. She and Matt will be getting married in June.
33. After JR was born, I couldn’t wait for him to meet her.
34. I still have text messages she and I exchanged while I was in the hospital and right after I gave birth.
35. If they ever got deleted, I would cry.
36. She loves beer.
37. She used to live on the top floor of a house in Church Hill that had a kitchen constructed out of Ikea cabinets and a bathroom with the prettiest tile I’ve ever seen. I’m still jealous of that apartment.
38. When Britney Spears gave birth to her first baby, Maura called to congratulate me.
39. We used to write a blog called “The Shallow End” where we would talk about celebs.
40. She loves to sing “Careless Whisper” on Karaoke Revolution.
41. When it comes on the radio, I sometimes call her and hold up the phone to the speaker.
42. She looks incredible in green.
43. She campaigned for Obama.
44. Like hardcore, this-is-a-second-job campaigned.
45. She got to go to the inauguration, and I was super jealous.
46. She once spilled water on her iPod.
47. To be fair, there was a bottle of water in her purse that was slightly open. Her iPod was in there also.
48. She tried to dry it out by putting it in our oven at a very low heat.
49. It didn’t work.
50. She is the middle child in her family.
51. She loves “This American Life.”
52. She has a stud in her nose.
53. When she worked at Starbucks while in grad school, she had to put a note by the door reminding her to take it out before going into work.
54. Ross and I are technically the adoptive parents of her cat, Miso. When she got Miso, she didn’t have her ID proving that she was a resident of Richmond. So we stepped in and then bequeathed the cat to her.
55. She loves her last name (Wilson).
56. She lives in the suburbs.
57. If you knew her in person, you might be surprised by that.
58. Her first apartment in Richmond was in a building called “Stonewall” on Boulevard.
59. If I remember correctly, she ended up breaking her lease because the landlords sucked.
60. I think I’ve spent pretty much every New Year’s with her since we met.
61. Most of them involve Karaoke and lots to drink.
62. Lots to drink.
63. I know I already talked about her hair, but it’s awesome.
64. When I think about cutting mine, I try to picture her hair so I won’t do it.
65. She wears sassy clothes that I love.
66. Like turquoise boots.
67. And big ol’ earrings.
68. Basically, her clothes make me jealous of her.
69. She managed to pick out excellent bridesmaids dresses that we actually will be able to wear again.
70. Her description of the writing in the Twilight series is the most spot-on that I’ve heard.
71. She says, “It’s like it’s written by a girl who’s a junior in high school. The writing is good for being a junior in high school, but still.”
72. We often find out the we’ve been reading the same books without realizing it.
73. That’s one of my favorite things about our friendship.
74. Whenever we see or IM each other, we start with “Hey, friend.”
75. She’s one of the few people I don’t mind nursing in front of.
76. I don’t know if she minds, but she hasn’t said anything about it.
77. She makes a real effort to understand and respect our new schedule as parents of an infant.
78. I don’t know if she knows how much I appreciate that.
79. She loves to chat over hot beverages, particularly chai.
80. She’s going to be an excellent mother someday.
81. Should she choose that path.
82. Until then, she is a fabulous for real aunt to her own nephew and faux-aunt to our little guy.
83. We used to get manicures and pedicures together a lot.
84. I’ve never had the desire to really do this with anyone else.
85. She has a Roomba and loves to talk about it.
86. But not in an annoying way – she’s just enthusiastic.
87. She and I like to talk about celebs we have girl-crushes on.
88. The most recent object of our affection? Jamie from the last season of Top Chef.
89. She used to update her blog.
90. But I guess with teaching our future and planning a wedding, she’s a bit busy.
91. That Maura, she’s always doing something.
92. Like going to the gym. Seriously, always with the gym.
93. She loves things like yoga and pilates.
94. And watching crappy TV while on the eliptical machine.
95. She and Matt also happen to love Bridezillas.
96. She is not a Bridezilla, however.
97. She’s a very easy bride to be around, actually.
98. Really, she’s a very easy person to be around.
99. And I miss her.
100. And I love her lots and lots.

Baby’s first playdate

JR and I spent some time this afternoon with Anne and her sweet little guy, Wade. As they were each other’s first playdate, we thought it appropriate to document the ocassion.

The age difference is around 10 weeks, but the size difference is, shall we say, considerable?

I have a hard time looking at this picture and keeping myself from singing “Faaaaat guuuuuy in a liiiiiittle stroller.”