Sick day

JR came home from school yesterday “not feelin’ gooooooood” and complaining that his ear, tummy, back, and head hurt. Of course this was all revealed at 5pm, right when the doctor’s office was closed for the evening.

So we soldiered on and this morning it was obvious that he had gotten worse. See, he never gets sick and is so baffled by the concept of feeling poorly that he spends his illnesses both sick AND full of woe. I called the doctor first thing and snagged an appointment for 11am.

And then he threw up all over me. A quick call back to the doctor got us an appointment right away.

Turns out it’s just a stomach bug (as evidenced by the vomit he left strewn about the doctor’s office). All of the other symptoms are just from feeling like, well, ass to put it bluntly.

While I don’t like it when JR is sick, that’s when I feel most competent as a parent. His needs are concrete and usually involve lots of cleaning him up and holding him. The constant thought running through my head is “I’ve got this.”

Plus, I’m really good at spending the day on the couch.

A talk

“Why you taking medicine, Mama?”

“Well, sometimes it’s hard for me to be happy, and I’m just taking this medicine for a little while to help me feel better.”

“Am I happy?”

“I really, really hope so.”

“I like it when you’re happy. It make me sooooo happy!”

“Same here, bud.”

(Just as an update, things are really good right now. The good days are outnumbering the bad by an incredible margin, and I’m feeling great. To those of you who have been so supportive through this, well, there are warm feelings happening in my heart area thanks to you.)


Well, that last post was, um, heavy. Thanks for all your emails and what nots. You all are as sweet as can be.

And until I post again, I leave you with this picture that basically restores my soul every time I look at it. Look at this boy. Look at all I have. Things are gonna be great.

Big changes

I was going to write a big, reflective* post about this, but, quite frankly, I’m busy hanging out with my awesome kid. So know this:

Monday was my first day as a (mostly**) Stay-At-Home-Mother. I’m stoked and totally terrified. But it’s going to be awesome, I just know it.

Yeah, he’s pretty excited too.***

*You can read about my official exit here.
**I’ll still be working for our church on Wednesdays mornings and Thursday afternoons. JR will be in daycare on those days — at least until we’re too broke to afford it.
***Yes, he’s holding an iPhone. We removed all the apps off of my old one, and he uses it as a camera. You can check out his photos here.

It had to happen at some point, I guess

Last night, Ross, JR, and I were in the car on the way to Ross’s parents house for dinner. After a really rough couple weeks (more on that in a later post, maybe), we were really looking forward to an evening of pizza and chatting with two of our favorite people.


About 15 minutes into the drive, I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw (oh horror of horrors) the entirety of JR’s afternoon snack coming out of his face.

A few seconds later, I saw part of his lunch come out of his face.

So, we pulled over, attempted to clean him up (which is hard to do when you have no spare clothes and it’s 30 degrees out), and just decided to bag the whole thing and drive home.

With the car smelling like vomit.

He threw up again when we walked in the door, and once more about 30 minutes later.

Thankfully he’s doing fine now — no incidents overnight and he’s even had some toast and applesauce. And now we’ve experience what it’s like when a toddler throws up. It’s highly unpredictable and very hard to contain.

But what this whole thing really showed me was that biology is really weird because after JR threw up in the car, he looked at me and shouted “MAMA I NEED A WIIIIIIIIIIIIIPE!”

And I instantly thought “How is he so CUTE?”

Picking my battles

My dad and stepmom took a trip out west last summer. Upon their return, they brought with them a cowboy hat and Yellowstone National Park “sheriff’s” star for JR.

“Perfect!” I thought. “He can be a cowboy for Halloween. Done and done.”

And then I didn’t think about it for four months because, hey! I already had it figured out.

As it got closer to Halloween, we tried to introduce JR to the concept of dressing up as a cowboy. We would casually suggest that he wear the hat. Gently encourage him to belt out a “Yee-haw!” Give him ever-so-delicate guidance to try on a bandanna.

No dice. He wanted NOTHING to do with them.

Our friend Sarah offered up her daughter’s frog costume from a couple years ago. It’s basically a pair of pajamas with a hood that happens to feature eyeballs. I thought surely he would go for it.

Well. When I attempted to get JR to try it on the day before Halloween, he had a total meltdown, complete with flopping himself on the floor, gasping “No!” through tears.

I put on the brakes at that point.

He’s not even two. He won’t remember this at all. He needs to look at Halloween as a fun evening to be spent with his friends and family, not a time that his parents force him to put on weird clothes for their amusement.

So, I found a red T-shirt and painted some black stripes on it, stuck him in a pair of black pants, handed him his blue blanket, and boom! We had a very happy Linus:

Here he is with his friend (and godbrother, if that’s a thing) Jack, who happens to be sporting the lion costume that JR happily wore last year — back before he had opinions on things.