Another check on the tubes

So. I got a call from JR’s doctor this morning. Although JR’s ultrasound revealed that the size difference in his kidneys had not changed since birth, apparently there is still enough of a difference to warrant making a trip to a urologist next month where things will be looked at, possibly injected, likely poked, and looked at again. All of this to make sure everything is flowing like it’s supposed to.

Odds are, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. While this could be an indication of a blockage that increases the likelihood of infection, this kid pees constantly and has never even had a fever. Ever.

But seriously, this is something we’ve been “monitoring” since my 20th week of pregnancy, which was almost a whole effing year ago. This something that is not dire enough to cause constant fretting, but more like an occasional tap on the shoulder, a little wave, and a pesky, “Remember me?” whispered in my ear every now and then. Then it erupts into full-blown worry, hand wringing, and Googling for a couple hours until I calm down, and it retreats to the corner of my brain for a while. I’m ready for it to go away.

I know, I know. Perspective. After this brief ordeal, we have it. Things could be SO much worse and terrifying and full of suckage. But I’m sure every mother understands that it’s hard to stay rational when it’s your baby’s internal organs being discussed. Because, if I had to, I would give him all of mine. And yours. And your friends’, too.

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