A new trick

The other day, JR and I joined my dad and sister for lunch. As I was trying to stuff some delicious pureed broccoli in his mouth, JR looked at me and shook his head from side to side. Each time I offered him more, he did this. So I stopped.

At the end of his first feeding this morning, he pulled off, looked at me, and shook his head from side to side. I tried to get him to eat a little more. He did it again. So I stopped.

So it seems he’s learned that shaking his head like that puts an end to whatever is going on. And it’s freaking me the eff out. Neurons. They are crazy things.

A side note: I’ve decided (as has my mother-in-law who cares for JR when I’m at work) not to label this head motion as “no.” I figure it’s best to put off him learning that he has the power to use that word, too. I’m just not ready for that battle yet. For now, we’ll just label it as “Thanks a bunch, I’m finished!”

4 thoughts on “A new trick

  1. wow… not sure if I’m looking forward to that :) now Conner just eats and eats and eats… and if he’s had too much it comes back up (not to make it sound like we over stuff him all the time…)

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