13 months


So, it looks like these monthly letters are going to continue after all. I’m keeping at it because 1) you’re already a totally different kid than you were a month ago and 2) I just can’t bring myself to climb up to the loft and dig out your baby book. Mother of the Year over here.

You’re still a hoss. At your 1-year checkup you weighed in at almost 25 pounds. I’m seriously looking into starting physical therapy because you are killing my back.

While you were at your checkup, your doctor commented on how verbal and… LOUD you are. I never notice this until you’re around other kids. And not only are you loud – you have a really deep voice for a toddler. At least, you do when you’re babbling to yourself. When the time comes for you to repeat words, say “bye bye,” or pretend to read to yourself, you use a high-pitched voice.

You’re still not walking yet – just a few steps here and there. But you will walk towards things that are not me these days. I think it’s finally starting to click that walking is just faster than crawling. I’m guessing you’ll be off and running by mid-January.

Now, while you’re not walking, you are climbing. Stairs, specifically. This? It might kill me.

Just last Thursday I decided that we would make a concentrated effort to have you walk pretty much wherever you go. And I thought, “Well, why not help him walk up the stairs?” You caught on immediately, lifting your foot WAAAAAY up, feeling around for each step. You had so much fun.

The very next afternoon, I was cleaning up the kitchen while you were playing in the living room. Suddenly things got quiet. I quickly headed into the living room and you were nowhere to be found. I looked to my left and found you HALFWAY UP THE STAIRS. And then I died.

Ok, I didn’t really die. But I might have cried a little bit because I had visions of you tipping backwards and cracking your head open.

Once I collected myself, I brought you back down the stairs so you could show me how you’d gotten up there. You immediately started to make your way back up. But OF COURSE you don’t use the usual “put your weight on your knees, crawling” approach. No, no, you prefer to climb up like a monkey, swinging your foot up on the stair, and precariously heaving yourself up. It’s horribly unstable and terrifying, but also exciting because Look! My baby can climb!

(Oh, dear Lord, help us.)

You had a lovely language burst this month. You know where your belly, hair, and nose (sometimes) are, and you continue to mimic beginning sounds. A couple weeks ago, you suddenly understood how to sign for “more” (ok, you do it a little differently – SHOCKER) and you use it freely. Last week we taught you the sign for milk, and you picked it up immediately. You seem very excited about being able to express what you want and need.

You spend much of your day puttering around, pausing, and saying “dada?” Your dad insists that you’re not talking about him, but you seem to only do it when you’re around something that you know belongs to him (things like his coat or bike). Still no “mama” yet, and I’m not gonna lie – it hurts a bit. But your dad says you don’t need a word for me; I’m your everything, so there’s no need for a label.

Back atcha, kid.


5 thoughts on “13 months

  1. Abby has the same stair-climbing technique. It’s most terrifying when she gets to the top and her butt’s in the air and you’re just sure she’s going to topple backwards down the entire flight of stairs!

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