11 months


Remember how last month when I said that we’d keep up our nursing relationship until you showed me that you were 100% ready to stop? Well the very day after I wrote that, you let me know that you were for sure, totally, OMG-get-away-from-me-woman done. It’s been bottles ever since, and you haven’t looked back. I was a little sad, but the option of sleeping in now makes it sting a bit less.

When we left for vacation last month you were barely pulling up. By the time we left, you were cruising all over the place… and you haven’t really stopped since. You have very little interest in toys and would rather spend your time pulling yourself up on anything and everything, especially things that can’t so much hold your weight. Bumps and bruises are much more common these days, but you take it like a champ.

You babble constantly, which is pretty entertaining. The cutest thing you do, hands down, is when we ask you, “What does a doggie say?” and you respond with, “Oof!” You typically won’t do this if you have an audience, so I’m sure people think we’re lying, but you do it, and we love it.

While you won’t pay much attention to toys these days, you love, love, love books. You no longer chew on them (“Books are for reading, not eating” was said on a constant loop from the moment you were born, it seems) and seem at your happiest when you have several strewn about so you can crawl over to the one of your choice, take a look at the pictures, babble and point, and move on to the next one. It makes us very happy and proud that you do this. Your dad and I both love reading, and we hoped you would, too.

I suppose your biggest “baby book” memory of this month was getting your first haircut (just yesterday, actually). You were a bit nervous when the stylist tried to put the cape on you, so we ended up having your dad put it on you instead. It was smooth sailing from there. You were fidgety, of course, but the comb you were holding (and waving around triumphantly) seemed to keep you happy enough so she could shape things up.

Speaking of your dad, you guys are finally getting to be best buds. You actually give him some of your “kisses” these days, even if you do scrunch your face up afterward because of his scruffy face.

And now that we’re on the subject of kisses, your technique is interesting. Basically, if someone asks you for a kiss, you open your mouth wide, slightly stick out your tongue, and press your lips on his or her face. Not sure where you picked that up, but I imagine we’ll have to correct it soon. But oh well, it’s cute.

I can’t even understand how my next letter to you mark your first birthday. I’m having pretty of sappy thoughts about it right now, but I suppose I should save them for that special occasion.

Meanwhile, we love you. You’re so much fun and turning into such a wacky little boy. Thanks for being ours.



2 thoughts on “11 months

  1. YES! The baby is definitely to blame for your hip/back problems. I highly recommend physical therapy because, I hate to tell you, the problem does not fix itself and will only continue to get worse if you don’t get everything straightened out.

  2. If you’re having hip/back problems, it’s probably related to the very cute but chubby baby you carry around on your hip. I’ve been going to a chiropractor ever since having my large baby and my back is much better.

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