100 things – Tina edition

I’m on a roll!

Since she loves these so much, I decided to do one for her.

1. Tina’s full name is Christina. This is important for you to know for some reason.
2. We met at my old job.
3. There was much commiserating over lunch.
4. Tina’s favorite movie is Independence Day.
5. She has memorize The Speech.
6. She loves disaster movies.
7. The second I left the theater after seeing 2012, I texted her in all caps, telling her she needed to see it.
8. Tina went to my rival-ish high school.
9. She knew a lot the same people I know now.
10. Tina has a boyfriend named Nathan.
11. He is a kook.
12. But he is delightful.
13. Tina says “delightful” a lot.
14. I find it delightful.
15. Tina LOVES flats.
16. She came to work one day and said she watched Victoria Beckham’s TV special.
17. Victoria said she hated people who wear flats.
18. Tina was personally offended.
19. “Douchebag” is one of Tina’s favorite words.
20. That and “douchebaggery.”
21. Tina is one of the hardest working people I know.
22. I will punch you if you don’t recognize that.
23. Tina has recently started running.
24. In fact, she is going to run a half marathon.
25. I’m very impressed by this.
26. I don’t understand it.
27. But I’m impressed.
28. Tina has a younger brother and a younger sister.
29. She is very protective of them.
30. Actually, she’s very protective of most people.
31. Tina hates it when people refer to their feet as “dogs.”
32. She especially hates it when people say their “dogs” are “barking.”
33. She also hates it when people say “We were slammed.”
34. I was sitting in Tina’s office the first time I felt JR move in my belly.
35. So I can never forget her.
36. The first time Tina met JR she held him for about 15 seconds.
37. Then she smiled and said “Ok, I’m done.”
38. That still cracks me up.
39. When we used to work together, Tina used to come into my office for her “4:30 Freak Out.”
40. Tina is very good about keeping in touch.
41. She is also very supportive.
42. That, my friends, is a winning combination.
43. One time, Tina’s father made her Halloween costume.
44. He dressed her up as Jessica Rabbit.
45. Hmmmm.
46. Tina calls her grandfather “Dad.”
47. I still don’t know why.
48. Much of Tina’s family is from Scotland.
49. Like they actually live there.
50. This makes her much cooler than most of you.
51. Tina hates Miami.
52. She loves/loved Chris Brown.
53. She was very disappointed in him.
54. Tina recently built her very first website.
55. With code and everything.
56. I couldn’t do that, and I run an effing website.
57. See? Impressive.
58. Tina talks about the people on Real Housewives of Orange County like she knows them.
59. I do this, too, so I appreciate it.
60. When we had lunch together, we would go to El Paso a lot.
61. She would always order Chicken Nachos.
62. Tina loves her some Chicken Nachos.
63. Now whenever I see Chicken Nachos on any menu, I think of her.
64. Tina used to be a cheerleader.
65. She cheered at the Pro-Bowl once.
66. I have no idea what that means, but it sounded (again) impressive.
67. Once at our old job, we worked on a really big project together.
68. Tina was in charge.
69. When we finished, she bought me a present.
70. She also wrote me a thank you note.
71. I still have it.
72. She’s a class act, that one.
73. When Tina is angry, she says she’s full of rage.
74. When I was pregnant, she felt that I had rage as well.
75. She told me that it worried her.
76. But I think she also kind of enjoyed it.
77. Tina has a picture of herself holding a monkey in her Facebook photos.
78. It makes me jealous.
79. But I guess if one of my friends got to hold a monkey before me, I’m glad it was her.
80. Tina sends me links to things that remind her of me.
81. Or with phrases like “You’d appreciate this.”
82. I love it when people do that, so I love getting emails from her.
83. Tina doesn’t seem to mind too much when I IM her even if her status message says she’s busy.
84. (Even if she did, I would do it anyway.)
85. I always start our IM conversations with “TINA.”
86. She doesn’t seem to mind that either.
87. I feel like she humors me a lot.
88. Like when she’d listen about my dream for it to be socially acceptable to hit people I don’t like with pies.
89. She even laughed sometimes.
90. Tina’s last name is also the name of a tribe mentioned in Nehemiah.
91. (I only know this because our pastor preached from it one time).
92. When I told her, she said, “What? Amazing! I had no idea I was in the Bible. I am a tribe!”
93. She seemed so happy.
94. Tina also hates when people call appetizers “apps.”
95. So basically her hell would be a busy restaurant in Miami where the servers are bringing us apps and complaining about it being slammed and how their dogs are barking.
96. Don’t think I don’t say these things to her every chance I get.
97. Tina has a tendency to quickly reveal the things that bother her.
98. And mean people like me use it against her immediately and often.
99. But she forgives me and still talks to me.
100. Because she’s a peach.

5 thoughts on “100 things – Tina edition

  1. I was about to say to out loud to Hubsband about Tina’s idea of Mass Suckage being life in a successful restaurant – constantly surrounded by the people who work in them. Then I read #95.

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