100 things – Stephanie edition

(Remember when I said I was going to do these and then I did two and stopped? Well, I’m trying again.)

1. Stephanie was my roommate freshman and sophomore year of college at University of Richmond.
2. We were randomly paired up.
3. Before school started in August of 1999 (GAWD!), we decided to meet up and get to know each other.
4. While talking on the phone to set up our meeting, Stephanie described herself as “small and with red hair.”
5. She wasn’t lying.
6. Stephanie grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
7. She has a younger sister named Megan.
8. Her dad is named Mike and her mom is named Beverly.
9. I see them very, very rarely but I care for them very much.
10. One of Stephanie’s grandmothers is called G-Mom.
11. I’ve never met her, but I also care for her because I know she helped make Stephanie awesome.
12. Stephanie still sleeps with her baby pillow.
13. His name (yes, it’s a he) is “Pella.”
14. Stephanie is one of those people who can write a 10-page paper in 5 seconds.
15. This drove me crazy in college.
16. Once during freshman year, I walked into our room, thinking no one was there. Then I heard slight giggling. It was Stephanie. Hiding under the bed.
17. These guys we were friends with used to change Stephanie’s screensaver to slide shows of REALLY inappropriate images.
18. They would also set a password on it so she couldn’t change it.
19. This made her very angry (and made me laugh).
20. Another time we put put Stephanie in a bag with her head sticking out and left in front of our friend Erin’s dorm room. We knocked and ran away. When Erin answered the door, Steph just looked up, smiled, and said, “Hey.”
21. Stephanie used to have this as a bedtime snack every night: a Hershey bar dipped in peanut butter.
22. At one point this dude we knew slept on our floor for two solid weeks. Neither one of us knew why.
23. Stephanie could sleep through a screeching alarm.
24. Yet she would promptly awaken if I whispered her name (even if the alarm was blaring).
25. Stephanie has the attention span of a gnat.
26. I love this about her.
27. We had a friend in school who used to call Stephanie “Pocket Friend.”
28. Stephanie was a cheerleader for about 12 seconds.
29. She was a leadership major and business minor.
30. At one point she did a leadership project with Baker’s Crust.
31. This involved her getting up batshit crazy early to go hang out there.
32. Her doing so confirmed my complete lack of interest in being a leadership major.
33. Stephanie cannot pronounce “statistics.”
34. She also says “idear” instead of “idea.”
35. She is amazing at remembering birthdays.
36. She sends the best cards, birthday-related and not.
37. She was the first person I called after leaving the doctors appointment when my pregnancy with JR was confirmed.
38. I told her to sit down and she immediately said, “You’re pregnant!”
39. I missed her very much at that moment.
40. She hasn’t lived in Richmond for a while.
41. She stayed here for a bit after graduating.
42. But then she moved to Savannah for a while.
43. Before heading up to the DC area.
44. She is a business banker.
45. For the longest time, I thought she was saying “business maker.”
46. One time a guy wrote Stephanie a poem.
47. He signed it with “Thanks! Todd.”
48. Ross and I still say that to each other.
49. Stephanie is incapable of learning a foreign language.
50. No, seriously, she took a test and everything.
51. She tried, really she did.
52. It just didn’t work out.
53. She’s also on a mission to bring back regular Coke.
54. When you weigh 100 pounds no matter what you do, I guess you can be on a mission like that.
55. She loves America’s Next Top Model.
56. Her red hair gets really dark in the winter.
57. Despite being a redhead, she is not deathly pale.
58. She’s not even THAT freckly.
59. What a jerk.
60. Jk, she’s one of the least jerky people I know.
61. Stephanie will only call JR “Jackson.”
62. For some reason, this doesn’t annoy me at all.
63. It probably would if other people did it.
64. I think this shows that I kind of let Stephanie be the boss of me when she’s around.
65. She was the maid of honor in my wedding.
67. Her toast was very sweet.
68. Even though she kind of hated Ross for taking away her roommate.
69. She was kidding.
70. Sort of.
71. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t married Ross so soon after graduating, Stephanie and I would have lived together.
72. And spend our days eating candy and drinking regular coke.
73. Sophomore year of college, Stephanie and I met Anna.
74. At some point Anna starting calling Stephanie “Phanie.” As in “fanny.”
75. Stephanie is not a huge fan of this.
76. But we call her this anyway.
77. Because what is she going to do, beat us up?
78. She weighs four pounds.
79. Stephanie loves, loves, loves Ally McBeal.
80. Ross and I stayed with Stephanie one night when we had to be at Dulles early the next morning.
81. We watched Legally Blond II: Red, White and Blond.
82. It was awful.
83. We still blame Stephanie to this day.
84. She once hosted a “rock star” party.
85. I went, drank too much, and asked all of my friends how much money they make.
86. But this list isn’t about me.
87. Stephanie’s middle name is Anne.
88. So I call her Steffie Anne sometimes.
89. She doesn’t mind this as much as “Phanie.”
90. She LOVES the movie Dirty Dancing.
91. Her aunt was an extra in the final scene.
92. There were days that we watched that movie three or four times in a row.
93. That and Clueless.
94. We were stereotypical.
95. One time we were watching Sliding Doors with a bunch of friends.
96. Due to #25, I told Stephanie before the film started that she had to pay attention.
97. She didn’t.
98. Three-quarters of the way into the movie she turned to me and said, “Wait. They’re the same girl?”
99. If anyone else had done this, I would have punch him/her in the face.
100. But not her, because she’s my Stephanie. And to know her is to love her.

6 thoughts on “100 things – Stephanie edition

  1. I am so happy you did another one of these. For some reason they fill me with such joy, even though I mostly don’t know the people. Keep them coming!

  2. omg I love this idea. it’s so sweet!! will you hate me if i steal it? can i give you credit? you can be in my blogs-i-read list.

    ps. i am already putting you on that list so it’s not a good bribe
    pps. i may never actually do this even though i love it.
    ppps. thanks for the b-feeding comment. it’s amazing how many of us there are. i thought i was really weird. (i may still be, but not for that it turns out.)

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  4. omigosh i miss you both and i definitely have photographic evidence of steph in a suitcase…and a box…and various other small places.

  5. SO many things to comment on! first off, when talking about him I have been saying JR more lately… When I was first reading this it was on my iphone in an elevator and i was shaking bc i was trying so hard not to bust out into full, loud laughter. i love it! and you! and will see you sat! YAY

  6. Wait, about #53…where has regular Coke gone? I LOVE regular Coke. And Stephanie doesn’t judge me for drinking it for breakfast. That is one reason why I love PHANIE.

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