100 things – Ross edition

Remember back a million years ago when everyone was doing their 100 things posts? I did one, too. This isn’t one of those. At least, it’s not about me.

I’ve decided to do a series of 100 things posts about some of my most favorite people in my life, just so you all can get to know them a bit better. And seriously, I don’t know how many more OMG MAH BEH BEH IS SO CUTE posts you all can take.

So! As my inaugural post in this series, I present 100 things about my dear hubs, as I know him…

1. He was born in West Virginia.

2. He has lived in Chicago, Deleware, Brazil, and Brussels.

3. He is an only child.

4. He weighed 10 pounds when he was born.

5. He came to Richmond in 8th grade.

6. He went to the Math & Science High School at Clover Hill.

7. He majored in Math and minored in Religion at Virginia Tech.

8. His blood flows maroon and orange.

9. He has curly brown hair and light, sky-blue eyes.

10. He hated corn when he was a baby.

11. He is allergic to sulfa drugs.

12. He was fortunate enough to go through his semi-awkward phase while living in Europe.

13. He has an abnormally large space between his big toe and second toe, making his feet perfectly engineered for flip flops.

14. He had hair halfway down his back in high school.

15. He also used to wear LOTS of rings.

16. He got called to the principals office senior year for organizing a voting block for senior superaltives.

17. He is right-handed.

18. He is an Eagle Scout.

19. His Eagle Scout project involved retiring old American flags.

20. He loves camping but rarely gets to go.

21. He is petrified of talking on the phone.

22. He loves it when old woman call him “honey.”

23. He loves beer.

24. He can’t handle it when bugs are inside the house. Outside is fine.

25. He doesn’t like to shower.

26. He has problems sitting still.

27. He wears Pumas to formal events.

28. He has been in more weddings than anyone I know, I think.

29. He gets along famously with his parents.

30. He loves Richmond.

31. He cooks me dinner every night.

32. He doesn’t know how to work the washing machine.

33. He never had a pet growing up.

34. He loves funfetti.

35. He didn’t like football until college.

36. He loves spices.

37. He loves Antiques Roadshow.

38. He has never seen Wayne’s World.

39. He grinds his teeth when he sleeps.

40. He leaves cabinet doors wide open.

41. He will do anything chore you can imagine as long as you put it “on his list.”

42. He loves to garden. I think he secretly wishes he could be a farmer.

43. He has a spectacular sense of humor.

44. He graduated from college a semester early.

45. He hasn’t gotten a professional hair cut in about 6 years.

46. He loves tracking our budget.

47. He likes to tuck his dirty socks into weird places.

48. He always remembers to thoroughly rinse off his toothbrush before putting in the holder.

49. He will wear the same shirt for a week straight.

50. He loves sci-fi and fantasy.

51. He’s gorgeous.

52. He loves apple pie.

53. He bought my engagement ring in Philadelphia from the same guy who sells bling to the Eagles.

54. He requires hang out time with dudes.

55. He prefers to nap on the couch.

56. He has excellent taste in television.

57. He often tells stories over and over again.

58. Sometimes he’ll tell me stories that I was either there for or told him myself.

59. He’s horrible at remembering names.

60. But he feels bad about it.

61. He once introduced himself to a friend’s sister on seven different ocassions.

62. When he realized it, he felt so bad that he bought her a card to apologize.

63. But he put it in the wrong mailbox.

64. Toddlers love him.

65. They often will bring him up in conversation without being prompted.

66. When I nannied, the little boy I took care of always wanted to call him at work. Ross was always willing to chat it up.

67. He loves inside jokes.

68. He understands the humor in certain punctuation and capitalization choices.

69. He says “Here’s a thing” ALL THE TIME.

70. He loves his parents.

71. He has perfect skin.

72. He’s a sucker for a nice smile.

73. He understands the importance of “face time.”

75. He loves reading to JR.

76. He shaves his head in the summer.

77. He owns no formal clothing.

78. It’s an issue whenever we have a wedding to go to.

79. He waits to pack until the very last minute.

80. And yet he’s always ready before I am.

81. He makes homemade granola and crackers.

82. When he feels the slightest bit sick, he stays home, rests up, and is good to go.

83. Consequently, he’s rarely ever very sick.

84. He drinks more water than I thought humanly possible.

85. This also possibly explains #83.

86. He’s great at anything that requires extreme focus and attention to detail.

87. That is, if he cares about it.

88. He demands that we get to the movie theater at least 30 minutes before the movie starts.

89. If we are going to a movie with you, he lets you know that 1) we will be there early, 2) we will not save seats for you, so be on time, and 3) we will stay until the end of the credits.

90. When he finds out someone is on Netflix, he immediately says (almost yells) “WILL YOU BE MY NETFLIX FRIEND?”

91. He loves watching movies.

92. I’m not sure we could be married if he didn’t.

93. Cross-dressing comedies are his favorite genre.

94. He can’t handle feeling pity for anyone.

95. Thus, he can’t watch most movies featuring William H. Macy.

96. He loves “The Emporer’s New Groove.”

97. Whenever we watch animated movies, he says, “Well, it’s no ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ as soon as it’s over.

98. This one of my most favorite things about him.

99. He loves me.

100. I love him.

6 thoughts on “100 things – Ross edition

  1. Heartwarming! I was going to comment on the random things we have in common, but eh, who needs it? Ross just rules. And so do you, for noticing and cherishing the little things.

  2. #61-63: I love every part of this story, and I commend Ross for re-introducing himself until it’s painfully awkward and way too late.

    #90: Ross totally did this to me over Gchat one time, and then, judging from the silence, I assume he keeled over when I broke it to him that (gasp!) we don’t do Netflix.

    #96: HE loves ENG?! I love ENG! That makes my day, seriously. We quote it all the freaking time at our house. “Cheese me no likee!” “I just snatched you out of the air!” “I’m getting a little funned out.” “Was she scary beyond all reason?”

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